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Pupil Benefits Plan student accident insurance protects nearly 700,000 students in 400 school districts across New York State. We cover students in school and away — from the morning bus through the day in class, during gym, on the playground, to after-school activities and night games. Our plans also cover student altercations and away activities, such as sports, field trips and work studies.

Key Questions to Ask

There are important advantages to working directly with Pupil Benefits.

If you are considering going through an agent or broker, ask these questions FIRST to help you decide!

What rate of compensation/commission is the agent/broker collecting from the insurance company?
Should I be reluctant to inquire about producer commission?
Is it my right to know? How does this effect my premium and rate?

If I use an agent, are they quoting my rate with the best interest of my students, district, community and budget?
Or is there a bias towards companies and policies with higher initiatives for them?

Is my rate guaranteed for two years if I am new? If not, does it go up substantially the following year?
Or does my rate go down depending on my loss experience?

Am I paying extra premium for interscholastic football? Or is football included in my rate?

Do they offer the responsive and personalized service I need during my busy week?
Are my nurses, staff and parents happy with the customer service, claims submission, turn around and follow up with claims?

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Our Advantages

Today’s students pack so much into each school day. They are playing harder and doing more. This correlates into a higher rate of utilization. Pupil Benefit Plans has the right balance of high quality student accident insurance coverage and the best possible value for your school’s budget.